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Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.15 Details

Ghost of Tsushima update version 1.15 is available to download now for PS4. We have the complete details on this update including patch notes.

The game has been getting a constant stream of new updates from October with support for the Legends multiplayer mode and Raids launching in the past week. The game continues to receive patches despite all this support. Sucker Punch has also added support for the game running at 60 FPS on the PS5.

As the game continues to get updated, new features or additions are made however bugs are also introduced as a result. The latest update to Ghost of Tsushima patches the game to version 1.15 on PS4 and was released today.

Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.15 Patch Notes

  • Adjusted gear drops in Nightmare Story missions and The Tale of Iyo chapters so Ki 105 gear is more likely to drop for players 105 and above.
  • Various Legends bug fixes, including disconnects for some users, have also been improved.

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