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Genshin Impact Update 1.1 Details

Genshin Impact will get a major update on November 11 adding a ton of new content and more. Here are the patch notes for this update.

Genshin Impact is all set to get a major content update that will bring new story events, characters, and much more. This update is scheduled to arrive on November 11th for PC and PS4.

This patch will likely update Genshin Impact on PS4 from version 1.01 to version 1.02 and above. We will update with the file size and update number once the patch goes live. In the meanwhile, have a look at the preliminary Genshin Impact 1.1 update patch notes below, courtesy of reddit.

Genshin Impact Update 1.1 Patch Notes

• 4 New Characters:

  • Zhongli
  • Childe
  • Diona & Xinyan 
  • Ganyu

• New Quests:

  • Liyue story chapter will be finished in Update 1.1
  • Keqing, Xiao, and Ganyu will show up in the story with the next update
  • Boss of the next Chapter – Childe in his Tartaglia form

• New Reputation System:

  • 1 for each region: Mondstadt & Liyue
    It’s a separate level compare to Adventure or Friendship Levels
  • A new NPC for Reputation System. One will be in each location
  • New wings, Name cards, Food recipes & something that looks like a Crafting recipes
  • After reaching level of reputation 2 you will get an item which you can use to find a mining spots
  • After reaching level of reputation 4 you will get a discounts in in Mondstadt/Liyue shops

• Other stuff:

  • New Area
  • New Pocket Teleporter & Pot
  • A new Mob: Wei
     (Looks like that mora ferret, it can drop gems and other random items]
  • Resin will be increased from 120 to 160

• 6 New Items

  • Anemo Bottle which can collect Anemo wisps
  • Fujin’s Eye Resonance Stone which will help you find Anemoculus. You can also see another for Geoculus

• New Event:

Unreturned Star Event:

  • New COOP Event which looks very similar to Crucible Event
    Free Fischl and other rewards for participating in this Event
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