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Fortnite Update 3.03 Today On February 5 Details

Fortnite has been updated to version 3.03 by Epic Games. Here’s everything that you need to know about this new Fortnite patch.

Epic Games has shared the patch notes for this new update for Fortnite that appears to resolve some issues with stability and improves the overall game performance. In addition, this patch also decreases the quality of textures so that when the game is running in performance mode, it has a stable FPS.

Fortnite Update 3.03 Patch Notes

We’ve released a maintenance patch to address:

-The queuing bug with tournaments
-The “Disable Pre-edit Option” in BR/Creative applying to STW
-The recent performance issues on PC (DX12 still impacted)
-The PS5 stability issues

With the release of this maintenance patch, you will notice a decrease in texture quality when using Performance Mode. This is intended in order to maintain high FPS in the mode and prevent invisible constructions.

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