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Fortnite Update 2.90 Details

Fortnite update 2.90 will be available to download for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Here are the details on this update including patch notes.

Epic Games has confirmed that downtime for servers will start ahead of the update launching today. It will begin at approx. 04:00 AM ET (08:00 UTC).

This new patch is roughly 27 GB on PC, however, this large file size is due to a new optimization method that will make the file size smaller on PC, and as a result, any future updates will be smaller as well.

Fortnite Update 2.90 Patch Notes


  • Optimizations on PC resulting in a massively reduced Fortnite file size
  • Characters covered in blue light in the Lobby.
  • Difficulty editing Banner with a controller.
  • Honey Hitters Pickaxe disabled.

Battle Royale

  • Unable to gift the Ultimate Reckoning Pack.
  • Rally Royale LTM – Motorboats Low Fuel Issue
  • Cannot get to Presets in Party Royale Phone Booth when previewing an Outfit, Back Bling, or Wrap.
  • Cozy Chomps and Ravage Outfits appearing as Ramirez.
  • THWIP! Legacy not being awarded.
  • Inventory shuffling after respawning in Team Rumble.
  • Doctor Doom’s Mystical Bomb temporarily disabled in competitive playlists.
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Save The World

  • Increased crashing when loading into a mission.
  • Weapons and perks not functioning correctly after 14.30.
  • Unresponsive after opening Loot Llama then opening settings menu right after.
  • Crashing during Endurance.
  • Epic Mini-Boss’ not spawning in ‘Trap The Storm’ missions.


  • Baller Movement is Unnatural After Exiting
  • Players without matchmaking permissions cannot access the Team Size setting.
  • Sky color does not change when adjusting light color setting.
  • Fog and lighting settings changed in Creative.

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