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Firewall Zero Hour Update 1.67 Details

Firewall Zero Hour has been updated to version 1.67 by First Contact Entertainment. This update adds some new content as mentioned in the patch notes.

Fans can enjoy new content after installing this patch including a new operation “Cloudstrike”, a new map “Post 15”, a new contractor “Shadow”, and a new skill “Vapor”. In addition to this, there is a new weapon called Custom Kruger that is a part of this update.

Firewall Zero Hour Update 1.67 Patch Notes

Patch 1.67 contents

  • New Operation ‘Cloudstrike’
  • New Map ‘Post 15’
  • New Contractor ‘Shadow’
  • New Skill ‘Vapor’; release smoke on downed state to conceal your position
  • New weapon ‘Custom Kruger’ assault rifle
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