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Fall Guys Update 1.23 Patch 4.5 Details

Fall Guys update 1.23 is the mid-season update that will bring content from patch 4.5 to all platforms. Here are the patch notes for this update.

This update brings two new rounds: The Slimescraper, and Button Bashers. In addition to these two rounds, other features include 55 additional variations across 12 rounds and custom lobbies. This opens the possibility for players across the PC and PS4 to play online multiplayer together thus bringing support for cross-play.

You can have a look at the complete set of patch notes for Fall Guys update 4.5 below. This patch will be deployed on May 13 on PC and PS4.

Fall Guys Update 1.23 Patch Note 4.5


– The Slimescraper (A sequel to Slimb Climb)
– Button Bashers (Players are split into 1v1 duelling pairs. Best beans go through)


– 55 Additional Variations across 12 rounds!
– Custom Lobbies are now open to EVERYONE with as few as 4 beans! PC and PS4 players can play together!
– PC and PS4 players can now matchmake together in all game modes! Cross-platform parties are not possible (yet!)
– Improved latency when grabbing objects or mantling
– In-game visual indicator of your connection quality!
– New player reporting feature if you spot potential cheaters! (Don’t worry – We’ll never ban anyone for grabbing or using in-game mechanics in a normal fashion)

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-Numerous improvements to de-sync, physics, and related issues (We’ll keep improving these)
– Snow will now display on Season 3 rounds for PC Players! (Ready for Christmas 2022 lol)
– Fixed Fall Guys having too much power while carrying things
– Fixed incorrectly eliminating the winning squad in Royal Fumble
– Fixed eliminated squads incorrectly qualifying for the next round
– After tying a round, squads will not be randomly eliminated, but instead will all qualify into the next round
– Fixed the ‘Top X Qualify’ number mismatching the Qualified Squads in the qualification screen
– Fixed solo victory animation displaying when winning a Squads Show for some players
– Fixed the Featured Store only showing Coming Soon for players who witness the store refresh

Wall Guys Fixes

– Improvement to mantling while experiencing high ping

Door Dash Fixes

– Players can no longer yeet themselves out of the round to skip ahead

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Power Trip Fixes

– Fixed batteries flying out of hands when players bump into each other
– Fixed Fall Guy being unable to climb a ramp whilst carrying a battery

Localisation fixes

– We fixed some localisation issues across emotes, colours, costumes and within the UI

Visual fixes

– Various visual fixes to costumes
– Fixed SFX on some winning animations

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