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Dying Light Update 1.36 Patch Details

Dying Light has been updated to version 1.36 today on June 7. The complete patch notes for this new update including bug fixes can be seen below.

This update brings in a new story mode to Hellraid expansion for Dying Light. There are now two choices for players, a story mode and a raid mode. Other changes include new weapons, a two-handed hammer, and a stamina potion. You can find out the complete list of patch notes below.

Dying Light Update 1.36 Patch Notes

  • We’ve added story mode to Hellraid
  • Now players can choose between story mode and raid mode upon entering Hellraid
  • We’ve introduced a new Hellraid rank: Vanquisher
  • We’ve added new sounds and animations
  • Level’s contours now appear on the minimap
  • We’ve added new weapons—a bow (in story mode) and a two-handed hammer, and a stamina potion
  • Players will now encounter a new enemy—a skeleton with a large shield
  • Players no longer need to stash and retrieve their equipment upon entering and leaving Hellraid
  • Balance and visual changes
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes
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Check out the trailer below.

Here is an overview of this from the official trailer.

New challenges to face, new areas to discover, and an ally who needs your help — an ancient conflict reignites and you must prepare for an inevitable clash. But remember the mysteries of the Ba’al’s Temple are well-guarded, and the fate of the one person who could guide you to the truth depends on you. Should you succeed, however, you’ll earn a powerful bow, Corrupted Justice, which might tip the balance in the upcoming confrontation with the forces of evil. We’ll be adding more quests to the story mode with future updates as we gradually unveil the plot. While waiting for the new episodes, check out what’s changed in raid mode, as we’ve introduced visual and gameplay changes into the whole realm. You’ll notice the Temple’s atmosphere is much grimmer now and encounter a new type of enemy — a skeleton with a large shield. Kill it for a chance to get Bonecruncher, a two-handed hammer, but don’t sweat it if luck’s not on your side. You can also get it as a reward for reaching a new rank — Vanquisher.

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