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Dead Cells Update 1.18 Details

Dead Cells has been updated to version 1.18 on PS4. This update brings in performance optimizations as mentioned in the patch notes.

The patch notes for Dead Cells 1.18 update mainly mention performance optimizations, however, it could be the precursor for a major upcoming update as mentioned below.d

Dead Cells Update 1.18 Patch Notes

  • Performance optimisations

This was the last major update released on October 23 for PC. It will possibly release for other platformx at a later date.

Important features

  • Added missing lore room lines in the Derelict Distillery.


  • Legendary gear dropped by elites now has a bonus to its gear level

Level design

  • Prevent players without the spider rune to get blocked in the Derelict Distillery

Music & Sfx

  • Fix 8 bit soundtrack volume balancing

Bug fixes

  • Fix explosive barrels being reflected by the lightning AoE affix
  • Fix explosive barrels receiving the counter attack buff
  • Fix various crashes
  • Fix Wings of the Crow acting weird when going through a door
  • Prevent Wings of the Crow bonus electric damage area to trigger Thornies’ back damage
  • Fix Vorpan and explosive barrel interaction
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