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Cities: Skyline Update 10.02 Details

Paradox Interactive has updated Cities: Skyline to version 10.02 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here is everything that you need to know including patch notes.

The new update has updated the Unity game engine and implemented a number of fixes. Get the complete patch notes below.

Cities: Skyline Update 10.02 Patch Notes

Base game changes:

  • Fixed an issue with service coverage not extending through highways
  • Fixed illumination issues with Weather Radar (Natural Disasters) and H3 3×3 Shop17 (Extra Commercials)
  • Fixed an issue in elevated metro station pathfinding (elevated metro stations in existing saves have to be rebuilt for this to work)
  • Fixed an issue when elderly and children were not picked up by ambulances if eldercare or child care building exists
  • Fixed some localisation issues
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Console changes:

  • Added sort button to public transport summary window
  • Added building info advisor for all building types
  • Upgraded Unity


  1. philsstalker

    Best game Devs & publishers ever! Half a decade after release we still get updates to our single player game.
    100% Buying CS2 a while after it comes out, on sale just like I did the first game (bundle). Please take your time and make a game not any less good than you already did, that’s not easy, what a great game!!!

  2. Billy Rocka

    This update totally messed up my trees! Now they’re blocky/Pixelated, bright green unless I zoom in as close as I can (PS4).

    Originally I thought maybe ‘cos the city was really big but nope, I created a new map using Vermont and even before starting any builds, same thing; this takes a LOT of fun out of it for me.

    The issue didn’t arise until after the update as I’ve never seen this, prior.

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