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Captain Tsubasa Update 1.20 Patch Details

Captain Tsubasa has been updated to version 1.20 today by Bandai Namco. This patch brings in new DLC and implements fixes as seen in the patch notes.

In addition to adding a new Nankatsu route, this update has added support for characters like Mark Owairan, Shingo Aoi, and Ryoma Hino. You can find out the complete patch notes for this update below.

Captain Tsubasa Update 1.20 Patch Notes

  • The new Nankatsu Route has been added to [EPISODE: NEW HERO].
  • DLC [Additional Character: “Mark Owairan”], [Additional Character: “Shingo Aoi”], and [Additional Character: “Ryoma Hino”] have been added.
    * DLC must be purchased separately and downloaded to use.
  • Maximum Friend Card level has been raised to 7.
  • Stability improvements have been made.

Here is some information on the newly added characters that was shared by Bandai Namco.

Shingo Aoi: A second-year junior high school student who adores Tsubasa. He is always cheerful and never gives up.

Ryoma Hino: A Japanese-Uruguayan player who wasn’t selected as a representative, but came to America to be inspired by the players from his generation.

Mark Owairan: Captain of the national Junior Youth team of Saudi Arabia. He is called a “prince” as royal blood flows in his veins.

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