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Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.52 Patch Details

Ark Survival Evolved was updated to version 2.52 today on March 19th. The full patch notes for this update can be seen below.

Ark Survival Evolved has been updated on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. The game has received fixes for various issues that were reported by the players. One of these is optimization for the PS5 enhancements that started to lead to a performance drop for the game on the PS5. You can have a look a the complete set of patch notes for the update released today below.

Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.52 Patch Notes

Xbox Current Version:  v809.5 – 03/11/2021

  • Fixed an exploit which allowed players to avoid taking damage from turrets
  • Fixed a mesh exploit

PlayStation Current Client Version: v560.4 – 03/11/2021

  • Optimizations for PS5 visual enhancements

PC Current Version: v324.22 – 03/11/2021

  • Fixed a mesh exploit
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed you to avoid turret damage
  • Hover Skiff can no longer use turbo speed when carrying enemy players or tamed enemy dinos (no changes made if using carrying allied or wild)

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