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Apex Legends Update 1.71 Patch Details

Respawn Entertainment has released a small hotfix for Apex Legends that patches the game to version 1.71. Here are the patch notes for this update.

There are no official patch notes available for this update but from what we know so far, this doesn’t appear to implement any major fixes. There is a fix for the leave penalty for Arenas. For the other changes, we are still waiting to hear back from Respawn Entertainment and get an official set of patch notes. Update: official patch notes added.

Apex Legends Update 1.71 Patch Notes

  • Re-enables leaver penalties for Arenas
  • Fixes some voice chat issues on Switch
  • Grants all players the aforementioned #Pride badge!

Leaver penalties may take some time (up to 24 hours) to fully activate.

The download size of this update is just under 500 MB. It will vary depending on your platforms.

Apex Legends is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The game supports cross-play between all platforms.

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