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Ace Combat 7 Update 1.60 Details

Ace Combat 7 has been updated to version 1.60 today on January 19. The full patch notes mention all fixes and new additions.

To celebrate the game selling more than 2.5 million copies and its second anniversary, Bandai Namco has released this update adding 10 new skins and emblems free to everyone.

Ace Combat 7 Update 1.60 Patch Notes

– Added 10 new skins and 10 new emblems.
Skins and emblems can be viewed by choosing “Select a Skin” and “Select Emblem”.
Note: Skins and emblems can only be changed in campaign mode after completing campaign mode once.
In multiplayer mode, they can be changed from the beginning.

10 New Skins
X-02S Glowing Skin
F-22A Phoenix Skin
F-4E Mobius Skin
F-15E Garuda Skin
ASF-X Ridgebacks Skin
F-16C Crow Skin
Su-37 Scarface Skin
Tyhoon UPEO Skin
F-22A Gryphus Skin
Su-37 UPEO Skin

10 New Emblems
25th Anniversary Nugget -Mobius 1-
25th Anniversary Nugget -Yellow 13-
ACE COMBAT 7 2nd Anniversary
Shooter (emblem)
Spooky (emblem)
Falco (emblem)
Arrows (Low-Vis)