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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is Coming to PC and Consoles, New Mass Effect In Development

Bioware is expected to make an announcement for Mass Effect Legendary Edition offering the whole trilogy and it was reportedly leaked earlier.

Thanks to a leak by GameSpot, who posted the article early, we now have the complete information on this new Mass Effect Trilogy. It was already leaked before through a rating by the Korean Game Rating Board and multiple hints by industry insider Jeff Grubb. Update: It is official now and was confirmed by Bioware.


According to the leaked information, this is an overhaul of the original Mass Effect Trilogy.

  • Includes the Mass Effect Trilogy + all single-player DLCs and promo items
  • Better resolution and framerate
  • Overhauled textures, characters, shaders, and effects

This trilogy is set to release in 2021. According to EA’s fiscal year forecast, it will be out before April 2021.

Bioware has also confirmed a brand new Mass Effect is in development. It is being developed by a “veteran team” although no major details were shared on the project lead and others.

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