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Watch Dogs Hairstlyes: Can You Change Haircut In The Game

If you are wondering that can you give a haircut to your character in Watch Dogs: Legion? Do you want a unique hairstyle for your character? This guide will help you know more.

In Watch Dogs: Legion there is an absurd number of playable characters each with their own style. In Watch Dogs Legion one minute you are punching the policeman as a punk and the other minute you are stealing a car as a bad-ass pensioner. But can you give your pensioner a punk haircut by messing up with these styles?

Can You Change the Hairstyle in Watch Dogs Legion?

So let me tell you that you can put your character in whatever clothes you like, in case of clothing you can give your granny a punk makeover. You can do even better because all the clothes you buy go to a single central pool so all the clothes can be shared between all of your characters.

But Changing the character’s hair and their facial hair appearance is not possible in this game. You can’t go to a barber and get a tough-as-nails soldier an afro hairstyle or you can’t get a buzzcut, neither can you change the facial appearance of your character. After you choose your starting there are very few changes you can make to them.

As there are so many characters in the game and getting a haircut is out of the question, so just apply your sense of style to some degree.

So now we know that there are no haircuts in Watch Dog: Legion, you will just have to stay with switching up clothes and characters.

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