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Super Mario 3D World Nintendo Switch Game Length: How Many Worlds Are There?

Super Mario 3D World is now available for Nintendo Switch, and many fans are excited to play one of the best 3D Super Mario game ever made.

If you haven’t played Super Mario 3D World before then you must be wondering what it’s all about. In this game, Bowser’s Fury expansion has also been added and Super Mario 3D World is the 3D version of Super Mario World for SNES.

How Many Worlds Are There In Super Mario 3D World For Nintendo Switch?

The game is divided into classic Super Mario Platforming courses and it is spread across the various world with classic themes world such as desert, ice, fire. These worlds are far more clever than they may appear.

Super Mario 3D World has a large map (almost the same as the original Super Mario World) and it’s divided into smaller worlds in which there are 5-8 courses (along with many different kinds of bonus levels such as Lucy, Toad, and Myster houses) and boss arenas. The different worlds are connected via interdimensional clear pipes that send you to the next area. There are six worlds available at the start of the game.

  • World 1 – Grass World (Five Courses)
  • World 2 – Desert World (Five Courses)
  • World 3 – Snow World (Seven Courses)
  • World 4 – Mountain World (Five Courses)
  • World 5 – Beach World (Seven Courses)
  • World 6 – Cloud World (Seven Courses)

These names are not Nintendo’s official descriptions we have made it up so that you can get the idea. After you complete all those six worlds, two final “Boss” worlds will be unlocked:

  • Castle World (Seven Courses)
  • Bowser World (Eight Courses)

This is the content by Super Mario Standards, but the fun doesn’t end here.

After you have completed the Bowser World, These four bonus worlds will be unlocked for you:

  • World Star (Nine Courses)
  • World Mushroom (Seven Courses)
  • World Flower (Twelve Courses)
  • World Crown (Three Courses)

You will have to complete various challenges to complete the final bonus worlds and the bonus courses are difficult also, so it will take you a while to complete the base game’s full collection of content.

Super Mario 3D World’s Switch Port is not just a base game. The Bowser’s Fury DLC has been added to it and you can jump into it whenever you want. Bowser’s Fury is an open-world game somewhere between a classic Super Mario platformer and other 3D games like an odyssey. It’s one big world, but the size of the DLC is fairly substantial.

There are about 12 worlds, 82 courses, a variety of bonus levels, and a DLC area featured in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury so it means that it’s a huge release that will keep Super Mario Fans busy for quite some time.

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