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Stardew Valley Ginger Island: How To Repair Willy’s Boat and Get To Ginger Island

Stardew Valley’s 1.5 update adds a bunch of new features, but Ginger Island is the most exciting new arrival. Ginger Island is an entirely new region in the Fern Islands archipelago, it is a significant addition to Stardew’s Valley’s World map.

This location has pirate and volcano themed areas, among other cool surprises. You will have to do a few things first to get to this location.

How To Find Ginger Island In Stardew Valley

You will need Willy’s boat to get to Ginger Island, but unfortunately, Willy’s boat needs to be repaired.

Willy is a fisherman who lives in Pelican Town. After you install the update, you will receive a note from him asking for your help. ( If you don’t receive a note from him, you will have to finish either the community Center restoration or the Joja Mart development quests first).

Go to Willy’s house on the pier and you will find a door out back that wasn’t there before. Once you have completed either of the above quests and received Willy’s note, the door will be opened.

Go inside and there you will find a worn-out old boat. Willy will tell you that he needs your help to fix it because he doesn’t have the materials himself. You must fix this boat because it is your ride to Ginger Island.

How To Fix Willy’s Boat In Stardew Valley

Willy’s boat requires three repairs to be made, each with its own resource requirement:

  • Fix up the boat: 200 pieces of hardwood.
  • Repair the anchor: 5 iridium bars.
  • Fix the ticket machine: 5 battery packs.

How soon you can get these resources will depend on how long you have been playing Stardew Valley. Old players will already have a good supply of hardwood, but newer players will need longer to gather the material.

Ginger Island is an addition to Stardew Valley’s late game. Unfortunately, if you just started the game it will take a lot of time to get there.

Hardwood: You can get hardwood by chopping up mahogany trees, large tree stumps, or logs. Collecting 200 hardwood looks daunting but you can collect it easily because it’s the most common component.

Battery Packs: Battery Packs are generated by lightning rods (during thunderstorms) or solar panels (after seven days of sunshine). You can also buy them from the Travelling Cart.

You can melt iridium bars in the furnace by combining five pieces of iridium ore and one piece of coal.

After you collect all the items, go back to Willy’s place and carry out the repairs.

Using Boat To Sail to Ginger Island

After you repair Willy’s ship he will charge you 1,000 gold for each trip to Ginger Island.

Willy’s skinflint tendencies aside, it is good news. After waiting one in-game day for the repairs, you can take the boat to Ginger Island as often as you want, as long as you can afford to charter it.

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