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Returnal Save Data Explained: How To Save Progress In Returnal

Players who are playing video games for a long time have embedded in their minds to always save before leaving, so many players are wondering that how they can do the same with Returnal. The answer to this question is that the game can’t be saved manually, but that doesn’t mean that the player’s progress will be lost any time the game is closed. Players can save the game process in two main ways.

Returnal only has a few things that carry over from cycle to cycle due to its rogue-lite nature. Atropian Blade and the like are certain weapons that will persist regardless of how many times the player dies. So players will like to know how to save these items as well as their progress in the game.

How To Save In Returnal

In Returnal any permanent upgrade that the player has attained is saved automatically with the help of autosave features. All of the updates and permanent items they have got will be saved if they end a cycle (either by dying or pausing and choosing restart cycle). Simply closing the game is another way to end a cycle and save permanent progress, however, this would also restart a new cycle when the player restarts the game.

This is fantastic, but some players may prefer to split a cycle into several sessions rather than starting over. The PS5’s rest mode will be the player’s best option in this situation. The current cycle is simply halted rather than fully terminated when the console is placed into rest mode. The player can then simply wake up the PS5 and start the game to return to their previous position. They can then continue their run normally or cut it short in order to return and begin the cycle all over again.

The lack of manual saves has been a source of contention in the game’s community. Many fans believe Returnal’s save mechanics are too harsh, particularly considering how long each cycle is. Players that have played other rogue-lite games will recognize it as normal, but even they will accept that a cycle takes longer than a standard run in many other rogue-lite games.

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