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Returnal Reconstructor: How To Use It and What Does It Do

In Returnal there are many odd objects and gadgets, and Reconstructor is one of them. Reconstructor resembles anything from a Ridley Scott or Junji to a horror film. However, it can be one of the most valuable tools if you know what it does.  In this guide, we will tell you how to use Reconstructor, where to find it, and what are the benefits to use it in Returnal.

How To Use Reconstructor In Returnal

There are two types of doors in Returnal: rectangular doors for the main route and triangular doors for optional rooms. You can find a variety of objects, as well as special gadgets such as the Reconstructor inside the optional rooms. The Reconstructor is a massive machine with an alien/humanoid form carved into it. You still won’t know its purpose even after you use it. A description appears when you first experience it: “A xeno-device for accurate reconstruction of complex entities per environment.”

You will have to pay a price of several ethers, to access the Reconstructor. Your character will climb inside the large device after paying the fee and then exit with no visible change. You won’t figure out what it does until you are dead.

What Does Reconstructor Do

When you die after using the Reconstructor, you will not be taken back to the start of the game. Instead, you will go back to the last time you used a Reconstructor. You will be transported back to that biome instead of the crash site where you usually site, however you will lose any malfunctions or parasites you had when you first used it.

If you have made it this far into a new biome and don’t want to start from the beginning, the Reconstructor is a great gadget to have. If you want to continue your run, use this machine in the middle of a loop, as it allows you to respawn with full health.

Keep in mind that the Reconstructor is a one-time use item. If you die after resurrecting at the Reconstructor, your cycle will start again. So if you really want to continue a run from the middle rather than the beginning use the Reconstructor.

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