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Returnal Reclaimer and How Do They Work

The Reclaimer is yet another strange piece of alien technology in Returnal, along with much other alien technology such as the Reconstructor. The definition of this red bed is unclear, and its red lights seem to be a warning sign. In this guide, we will tell you what Reclaimers do in Returnal.

Returnal Reclaimer Explained

Returnal’s Reclaimers deplete the player’s health in exchange for a random object or piece of equipment. It says in the description that it “can damage the integrity,” but it always seems to damage Selene.  It often takes a significant amount of wellbeing away, but the benefits are also substantial. The rewards can be anything from a powerful Astronaut Figurine that resurrects the player to a powerful perk (just be sure to pick up the reward on the floor).

It’s a good idea to use the Reclaimers whenever they appear, as the rewards you get from them are very useful. They usually appear every biome or two. After all, the buffs they bestow on the players are extremely powerful or permanent, while damage is only temporary.

Before lying down on top of a Reclaimer and letting it drain Selene’s life, it’s a good idea to survey the region. Taking an extra damage hit may not be worth it if there are difficult rooms or a boss ahead. However, if a nearby room has an Inert Reclaimer or a room with a lot of health packs, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the benefits this stony bed offers. Consider the consequences of accepting the offer.

Also, as with Inert Reclaimers, enemies can spawn in the room after you use the machine. After all, it’s a cheap shot and an easy way to die after taking a big health hit.

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