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Returnal Grappling Hook and How To Get It

In Returnal you may have seen orange lights and floating orbs in the first two biomes during its early stages. If you want to make use of these you will have to wait until you get the grappling hook. In this guide, we will show you how to obtain the grappling hook, gain entry to the second biome in Returnal.

How to Get to the Second Biome?

You must have access to the Crimson Gate to reach the second biome. You must defeat the game’s initial boss. You will receive the Crimson Key after you defeat Phirke, which will stay in your inventory for all future runs. You must locate a portal door that leads to the Crimson Gate with the Crimson Key in your inventory. The Crimson Gate will open once you have the key, allowing you to reach the second biome, the Crimson Wastes.

How To Get Grappling Hook In Returnal

The path to Returnal’s second boss, Ixion, is a one way-trip. You must defeat Ixion and recover the grappling hook in order to progress. Ixion is a tough boss that not only fires shots from the sky but also dive bombs you, causing waves of energy that you must avoid or leap over.

You will get the Icarian Grapnel once you have defeated the second boss. Returnal’s grappling hook, also known as a Hookshot. You can use it to grapple to any orange light in the game. These energy sources are often found on ledges that you can zip up to. Others come from floating orbs from which you can swing.

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