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Returnal Door Not Opening and Stuck In Room Bug Fix

Returnal players are reporting that they are facing a bug in the game that makes the door not open and thus keeping them stuck in a room. Here’s a potential fix.

Reddit has some threads discussing this bug where the player is stuck in a room. Apparently, this Returnal door not opening bug has more to do with the downloadable content like pre-order suits and other costumes. It could lead to the game glitching out randomly and locking the player thus making them stuck in a room.

How To Fix Returnal Door Not Opening Bug

One simple fix, for now, is to avoid using any of the costumes or suits that you have received as a bonus. These pre-order bonus suits are not necessary to beat the game so wait for a patch, and until then, play the game without changing into them.

If you are stuck with this bug, players have reported that a solution is to change back to the default costume. This should hopefully open the game for progression.