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Returnal Daily Challenge Mode and How To Unlock It

Returnal has been released on PS5. Daily Challenge mode is one of the features of Returnal and to unlock the Trophy In-Field Training and earn the Platinum Trophy, you must play this mode once. In this guide, we will tell you how you can unlock the daily challenge mode also known as simulation mode in Returnal.

How To Unlock Returnal Daily Challenge Mode

Simulation Mode (also known as Daily Challenge mode) can’t be accessed from the beginning. If you want to play this optional side mode, you will have to advance through the main game by completing the game’s first biome, Overgrown Ruins. You will have to defeat Phrike, the boss to complete it.

The Daily Challenge Mode will be unlocked after you defeat Phrike and complete the first Biome, Overgrown Ruins. Continue playing normally after beating Phrike until you end up returning to the crash site. You can now participate on the Daily Challenge leaderboards while playing Simulation Mode.

In order to get access to the Daily Challenge mode, go inside the ship at the Helios Crash Ship. Once inside you will find two monitors located in the central room. Approach the one located at the corner and press Triangle to enter into Simulation Mode, which is also known as the Daily Challenge mode.

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