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Returnal Boss Fight Guide: How To Defeat Third Boss Nemesis

Nemesis is the 3rd boss in Returnal and he can be found in the third Biome, Derelict Citadel. Here’s a guide that will help you defeat Nemesis.

Once you have completed the third Biome and unlocked the last stage, you will find Nemesis lurking around waiting for you to challenge it. To defeat this boss, you’ll have to navigate the Citadel’s different layers, avoiding laser defenses and armies of automaton attackers. When you enter the Derelict Citadel for the first time, you’ll discover a path in the Overgrown Ruins that you can use to avoid having to traverse the entire Crimson Wastes again to reach your destination.

How To Defeat Nemesis Boss In Returnal

To begin this battle, you will need to come prepared. The first and most important preparation is for health. You need to attain more than your average health and armor in order to survive the brutal attacks of Nemesis. Because of Returnal’s randomized composition, obtaining certain individual items would be incredibly difficult, so at the very least, try the following.

In the first Biome, farm Resin to improve the Suit Integrity. When you reach maximum health, any additional health replenishment is converted to Resin. This ensures that clearing the Overgrown Ruins will reliably get you to about 150 – 170 percent suit honesty if you’re able to take the time and walk back to Helios to heal up between clearing spaces.

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Upgrades and parasites that increase Weapon Damage, Suit Integrity, and Protection should be prioritized. Melee improvements aren’t necessary or helpful in this combat because you won’t be able to use your melee attack because you won’t be in range. It’s also very useful to have an Astronaut Figure artefact. Finally, look for a firearm with a long-range. Avoid weapons like the Rotgland Lobber and particularly the Spitmaw Blaster, and instead opt for the Tachyomatic Carbine or Hollowseeker.

There are three stages to the battle, much as with previous bosses. Nemesis will strike with orange orbs and sweeping yellow beams in the first level. To avoid the Orbs, strafe from side to side, and sprint through the yellow beams to avoid taking impact. Target the red heartlike mass with steady shooting, and if it’s a long-range threat, use your gun’s alternate attack regularly.

The second stage is identical to the first, except Nemesis now rotates across the massive arena, requiring you to sprint around the floating platforms once or twice. Simply be cautious when crossing; you don’t want to slip and risk a significant portion of your health.

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The third stage is a complete departure from the previous two. You’ll start sliding through the clouds, but don’t worry; you’re not in any trouble yet. Climb on to the platforms while you see them sail by you. While the orbs will begin to fire at you from time to time, the yellow beam attacks will now become more intense and pose the greatest danger to you.

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