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Returnal Boss Fight Guide: How To Defeat 4th Boss Hyperion

In the Echoing Ruins, Hyperion torments Selene with incessant songs. This strange, organ-playing boss is creepy, but surely not to be sniffed at. In this guide, we will tell you how you can defeat Hyperion in Returnal.

With challenges coming from both directions, this is probably the tensest fight yet. Hyperion begins by shooting you with blue homing bullets and a red projectile that sends a shockwave across the earth. Then there’s a slew of yellow bullets, followed by all three of these at once. And there were more blue missiles, followed by a pink sweeping laser. We’ll say it again: don’t stand still and do as much harm to the boss as you can.

How To Defeat 4th Boss Hyperion In Returnal

This could be the game’s most difficult boss. Throughout the battle, Hyperion fully embraces the bullet-hell moniker, tossing all kinds of things at you. The good news is that since the boss is largely stationary, it’s simple to keep hitting it with fire and strafe back and forth to dodge its attacks. The bad news is that they’re many, varied, and far-reaching, necessitating continuous motion and the ability to read attacks coming in from all angles, even far overhead.

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Of course, the first phase is the simplest, since Hyperion remains in the same spot the whole time—at the back of the arena, near the organ. Continuously unload on it while avoiding the attacks it launches from this one place. Get in the habit of running from one end of the arena to the other, since this is the most effective way to stop much of the incoming fire. You’ll still need to get in the habit of leaping and dodging forward to land safely, since Hyperion shoots a lot of bullets that travel through the terrain, making landing zones dangerous.

In step two, the boss will turn around and launch a barrage of green and blue bullets. This isn’t that horrible, but beware: vines that grow up on the floor underneath you will quickly accompany the missiles, and there won’t time to figure out. Hyperion can unleash large blue cross patterns for you to dash over just when you’re hopping over these. Oh, and don’t get too close to the boss or he’ll put spikes all over himself. He’ll eventually return to the organ, which will carry down more missiles until he’s been enough wounded. With his back to you, this is the ideal time to attack him.

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For the third phase, any weapon with a long-range is recommended. Phase three is more of the same, except there’s a lot more of it. Spikes from the ground, those massive blue crosses, and missiles pouring down from the sky He’ll also raise thorns on either side of you, then fire bullets down the pipe, which is a tricky situation. If you dash to the left, you’ll take impact, so dash towards the projectiles as soon as they hit you. Thankfully, this section isn’t too lengthy. After that, it’s only a matter of rinsing and repeating — Hyperion can return to the organ once it’s been sufficiently weakened, so keep going and firing. For fear of spikes, don’t get too close to the leader.

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