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Returnal Adrenaline System and Levels Explained

In Returnal players have a few permanent things to survive while dodging hundreds of bullets between playthroughs. You will be rewarded with adrenaline boosters if you can keep your kill count up without getting hurt.

In this guide, we will tell you how the adrenaline system works, how you can raise your adrenaline level, and describe the benefits you can expect if you manage to avoid taking injury in Returnal.

Returnal Adrenaline Explained

Returnal has an adrenaline system that rewards you for beating several enemies without being hit. This is how the in-game tutorial describes it:

“Your Andrenaline level is raised for every 3 hostels you eliminate up to a maximum of the level of 5. Upon taking any damage, however, your Andrenaline level is reset.”

“Each level Provides a unique effect which stacks with each other.”

You can earn one level of adrenaline after beating three enemies without taking any hits – or being injured by a threat. When you have raised a level, an orange prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen, along with a rundown of the random buff you got.

Your adrenaline level is shown in the bottom center of your heads-up display (HUD). You will find the following information here:

  • When the adrenaline level rises, a pop-up banner appears. The level and description of the buff you got will be shown.
  • Your present level of adrenaline.
  • Which buffs you have are represented by icons.

There are five different levels of adrenaline, each of which offers a different boost. They still unlock in the same sequence. Here’s what you will be able to do:

  • Level 1- Enhanced Overload enlarges the target area, making it easier to execute the powered-up reload.
  • Level 2- Enhanced Vision helps you to see enemies through objects (as represented by a pulsating wave).
  • Level 3- Enhanced Melee Attack decreases the time it takes for mee attacks to cool down.
  • Level 4- Proficiency Rate +50% improves the rate at which you achieve proficiency with your equipped firearm.
  • Level 5- Obolites +50% boosts the number of obolites you get from beating enemies by 50%

Although adrenaline boosters can be beneficial, when you take damage your adrenaline level resets. While using these buffs feels amazing at the moment, but don’t count on them to save you.

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