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Resident Evil Village Survive The Attack Tips and Tricks

Resident Evil Village is out now, and walking into a deserted village teeming with werewolves is the perfect way to start a survival horror game. Everyone becomes nervous by the sheer number of them and you must keep in mind that you can’t kill every enemy and it’s futile to try. Rather than putting your shooting skills on display, this test relies on you going to the right locations, so in this guide, we will tell you how to survive the attack in Resident Evil Village.

How to Survive the Attack In Resident Evil Village

You will hear the snarls of aggressive creatures known as Lycans after venturing into East Old Town. First of all, go to the building directly across from the East Old Town gate. The Lycans will try to claw their way into the building when you are inside, and Ethan will notice that you are surrounded. Then carefully shoot at the Lycans who entered the barn through the windows and kill all of them. The radio downstairs will crackle after you clear the coast, and you will hear Luzia calling for survivors to come to her house.

On the right side of the cabinet, look for Yellow tape. You can use these to avoid enemies flowing indoors by pulling them through doorways. You will find more ammo and resources like gunpowder and scrap as you explore each building in this area. After that go to the building next door. Exit the building and proceed to the next door. Before you enter, you must smash a wooden crate outside.

To survive this sequence you will need a little more firepower, so find the M1897 shotgun as soon as possible. It is located on a table in the large building You will also find another cabinet there, so again that’s perfect for blocking the front door. As we told you before that you will not be able to defeat every enemy in this section. You will easily run out of ammo and die if you try after the Lycans have taken a few bites out of you. Just shoot when necessary to avoid wasting ammo and always aim for the ears, just like in any other FPS.

Pick up all the items by walking around this house, and craft more as you go. To get under the house use the ladder and try to avoid the enemies as much as possible. You can crouch and escape through a hole in the wall. You can guard to take less damage or shoot your way out if you find yourself in a sticky spot. You will encounter even more Lycans as well as a massive enemy wielding a hammer when you go back outside. Since there’s enough space to zigzag around these creatures, so it’s time to move on to the next area.

Make your way to the burning houses. Just ahead of a red gate is a small bridge over some water. Turn left after passing through the gate, then head to the pot swinging over some logs. A cutscene triggers here, where you are pulled to the ground, and Lycans on horses appear. For a few seconds, you will be face to face with their leader, and the enemies will run. Gather the remaining things in the area, then proceed to the newly opened large gate that leads to the main village area.

That’s everything you need to know to survive the attack in Resident Evil Village.

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