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Resident Evil Village Red Chimney House and Where To Find It

In Resident Evil Village, when you return to the village after exploring Castle Dimitrescu, you will be given a task to find the house with the red chimney. You will talk to the merchant at the Duke’s Emporium when you return to the Village for the second time. He will give you a task to find the house with the red chimney on the western side of the village.

You must locate the house with the red chimney if you want to progress further into the game because this is part of the story. This house was mentioned by the players who played the free demo before the full game was published. But they weren’t able to explore it. In this guide, we will tell you how to find the house with the red chimney in Resident Evil Village.

Where To Find Resident Evil Village Red Chimney House

In Resident Evil Village, the red chimney house is located just south of the Maiden of War statue in the village’s central part. Go southeast towards the workshop, where a tractor will obstruct your way. You will have to open the gate to the house south of the red chimney once you have gotten past the tractor. You will be able to reach the red chimney house by climbing up the ladder onto the rooftop of that house.

How To Clear Way To Red Chimney House

Move towards the southeast from the Maiden of War statue. You will have to get to the workshop area. The workshop gate will be locked and you can break it with your knife. A combination lock is on a locker inside a shack in the workshop area. By looking through the shack’s window you can find the code.

The building behind the window and the window itself have the number 070408. You will get a M1911 pistol and a jack handle after you open the lock by putting this code. Return back to the tractor and lift it with a jack handle. On the tractor’s back, you will find a winged key, pick it up and then continue west as you crawl under the tractor. Watch out for an ambush.

How To Access Red Chimney House

You should now see a gate that needs Iron Insignia Key to open. In Castle Dimitrescu, you should have picked up this key earlier in the game. You will see a ladder to your right as soon as you enter the gate. Climb it to reach the roof. The red chimney house is now just a short distance away from you. Use the ladder to climb on top of its roof to enter it. You can enter the house by using a hole in the roof of that house. Inside the house, you will find another part of the winged key.

Now you can open the house door from the inside as well as the gate to the main village square with the Maiden of War statue. Combine both winged keys and by doing you will have the four-winged key. Take the key to The Duke. This helps to advance the main story.

That’s everything you need to know about the red chimney house in Resident Evil Village.

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