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Resident Evil Village Projector Film Puzzle and How To Solve It

In Resident Evil Village, you will get “ The Projector Film Puzzle” at House Beneviento. In this guide, we will tell you how to solve The Projector Film Puzzle in Resident Evil Village. You cannot miss this puzzle because this an important story puzzle. It takes place in House Beneviento’s Study. You will have to play a movie by sorting 5 Filmstrips in the correct order.

How To Solve Resident Evil Village “The Projector Film” Puzzle

You will have to complete the Music Box Cylinders Puzzle, which rewards you with Tweezers before you can start this puzzle. You will have to get a film strip from the doll’s mouth with the help of Tweezers. Go to the study room at the end of the hallway and place this film strip on the projector.

  • Correct Film Order:

Following is the correct Film Order (Left to Right):

  1. Red Plush Toy
  2. Village Book
  3. Baby
  4. Music Box
  5. Wedding Ring on Hand

A film will play and a secret passage will open up in the study after you put all the films in the correct order. You will find the scissor in this secret passage that you need to cut the bandages off the doll’s torso.

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