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Resident Evil Village New Game Plus: How To Unlock it and What It Does

Resident Evil Village is finally out and it has a new game mode “New Game+” (NG+) which allows you to replay the game. Although, the games handle this mode differently, unlike starting this from the main menu as you’d normally expect.

How To Unlock Resident Evil Village New Game Plus

You will be asked to save your completed Save Game after you have finished the story. After you defeat the final, you must select yes and save your game otherwise, you will have to reload a previous Manual Save and replay the Final Boss.

To start the New Game+, click “Load Game” on the Main Menu to load your completed Story Save and then select the difficulty for the next run and it will start. At first, you will be a little bit confused because when you start a New Game+, you will don’t see anywhere that you have started it and you won’t find any visible difference between New Game and New Game+.

However, there is one significant difference between New Game and New Game+, You will have everything from previous playthroughs in New Game+, including your entire Inventory, Crafting Materials, Weapons, Weapon Upgrades, Lei (Money), Collectibles Progress, cooked Meals, etc.

Since you have all Endgame weapons available at the start of NG+, you will be outpowered from the start. This comes in handy when trying to do Speedruns or play through the game in the highest difficulty.

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