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Resident Evil Village Music Box Puzzle and How To Solve It

In Resident Village, players will find a wooden music box among some boxes as they make their way through House Beneviento. The music box contains a series of cylinders inside it and players will have to use the winding key to open it. Players will have to move these cylinders and put them in order to solve the music box puzzle and get a very important item. In this guide, we will help you to solve Resident Evil Village’s music box puzzle.

How To Solve Resident Evil Village Music Box Puzzle

The deep scratches visible on the cylinders are the key to solving this puzzle in Resident Evil Village. Players will have to properly align the scratches by changing the position of cylinders, and there are three of these marks to focus on.  The first and second cylinders are spanned by the first mark, the second and third cylinders are spanned by the second mark, and the fourth and fifth cylinders are spanned by the third mark as seen in the picture below:

Players will get a pair of tweezers as a reward for completing this puzzle. This instrument is linked to the mannequin puzzle that led horror game fans to the music box in the first place, and it can be used right away. However, this is not the end of the larger puzzle; there are still a few more steps to complete.

There is another music-related puzzle in the game, but players will have already completed this “ A Piano” puzzle by the time they get to the music box puzzle in Resident Evil Village. While the approaches to these two puzzles are very different, the music used in each of them contributes to the game’s creepy atmosphere and provides a bit of a break to the fans from the Soundtrack’s harsher offerings.

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