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Resident Evil Village Mask of Pleasure and How To Get It

In Resident Evil Village, you will need four masks to take on Lady Dimitrescu. You will have to follow a linear sequence of events to get one of them, but the others are more difficult to obtain. The Mask of Pleasure is one of the masks you will need, and some tricks are used by Resident Evil Village to make it, so you can get away with it. In this guide, we will tell you the location of Mask Of Pleasure and how to get it in Resident Evil Village.

How To Get Resident Evil Village Mask Of Pleasure

Return to where you unlocked the Prioress door, after getting the Dimitrescu Key. Through there you will find a Dimitrescu Key room and you will find the Mask of Pleasure in it. A gate will block your exit after you take the mask. Through this room entrance, you won’t be able to go back. Don’t forget to grab the silver ring hidden in a cabinet before you go. You will be attacked by the second daughter when you enter the next room. Move the dresser immediately to reveal that the wall is damaged. In order to allow the cold air inside, you will have to throw a pipe bomb at the damaged wall.

How to Leave With the Mask of Pleasure

You can shoot the daughters of Dimitrescu easily because they are weak as they are made of flies. Grab the animal skull off the wall and examine it, after she’s dead. A bolt securing the skull to the rest of the body will be revealed when you take a look at the back. Return to the previous room after removing the bolt. Use the skull from the menu after you return back to the spot where you got the mask. This will put it in place and the gate will be raised, allowing you to get out of there. We don’t know for sure why there are similar marks on the back of an animal skull same as a mask and we also don’t know for sure why Dimitrescu uses four masks to lock the door to a section of the castle instead of just using keys.

That’s everything you need to know about How to Get Mask of Pleasure in Resident Evil Village.

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