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Resident Evil Village Cheats: How To Unlock Infinite Ammo

Resident Evil Village is finally out, it’s a horror survival game and the tenth installment of the Resident Evil Series. There are many weapons that players can get to fight with enemies in the game and there are some cheats that allow players to have infinite ammo in Resident Evil Village. In this guide, we will tell you all the infinite ammo weapons and cheats of Resident Evil Village. These infinite ammo cheats are in-game rewards and you will have to complete the story first in order to unlock them.

How To Use Resident Evil Village Cheats

Resident Evil Village has 15 weapons with Infinite Ammo. You will have to finish the story first to unlock the Infinite Ammo cheats because The Extra Content Shop will be available only after completing the story. Go to the Title Screen > Bonuses > Extra Content Shop once you have completed the story. You will have to use CP in this which is a different currency than Lei and you can earn it by completing specific challenges in the game. After the first playthrough the challenges will become visible, but if you have completed any in the first playthrough will still be counted. Open the pause menu at any time while playing in order to check the challenges.

You will have to unlock all the weapon’s customizable parts first (2-3 per weapon) and then purchase all of the Duke’s Gunsmithy upgrades in order to make the Infinite Ammo available for purchase. You can buy most weapons and Customizable parts from the Duke. However, you will have to find some of them elsewhere in the game. This is very expensive, with some weapons costing well over a million Lei.

However, there is a simple workaround: Make a manual save > Purchase all weapon Upgrades, including weapon parts > Save the file in a different slot > Return to Main Menu.

Now the Infinite Ammo Cheat will be unlocked. Go to the Extra Content Shop and use the CP Currency to buy the cheat. Before you spend all the money on the weapon upgrades, reload your first Manual Save. By doing this you will be able to keep the Infinite Ammo Cheat and you will also get Your Lei back. You will only have to upgrade your weapon fully once to unlock the cheat, after that the cheat will work on both upgraded and non-upgraded weapons. This can be done with any weapon. In order to get a lot of Lei, you must sell your Treasures and on higher difficulties enemies will drop more Lei.

Resident Evil Village All Infinite Ammo Weapons:

  • LEMI (Handgun)
  • M1911 (Handgun)
  • V61 Custom (Handgun)
  • M1897 (Shotgun)
  • W870 TAC (Shotgun)
  • SYG-12 (Shotgun)
  • F2 Rifle (Sniper)
  • GM 79 (Grenade Launcher)
  • M1851 Wolfsbane (Magnum)
  • S.T.A.K.E. (Magnum)
  • WCX (Assault Rifle)
  • USM-AI (Handgun)
  • Dragoon (Assault Rifle)
  • Handcannon PZ (Magnum)
  • Rocket Pistol (Special)

Trophies and Achievements will not disable if you play with Infinite Ammo Cheats, so you can use them as much as you’d like.

The Grenade Launcher’s Infinite Ammo will be unlocked as soon as you complete the story because it doesn’t have any weapon upgrades. If you didn’t find the weapon in the story, you must buy it from the Duke. In New Game+, you can keep your inventory and Lei. After completing the story, reload the save and then pick the difficulty to start your New Game+ Playthrough.

You should have the Infinite Ammo For the S.T.A.K.E, which is the best Magnum in the game if you want to play the game on the highest difficult “Village of Shadows”.

That’s everything you need to know about Infinite Ammo Cheats of Resident Evil Village.

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