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Nier Replicant Titanium Alloy: Where To Get It and How To Farm It

In Nier Replicant, you will spend a lot of time going back and forth and gathering resources. Many of these resources are optional, but Titanium Alloy is a rare drop that you will have to locate many in order to progress the story.  You won’t have to collect Titanium Alloy until you return to The Junk Heap and meet Gideon of Two Brothers Weaponry for the second time. Gideon will ask you for some Titanium Alloy. On the other hand, players will need Titanium Alloy to upgrade Beastbain, which is one of the 30 weapons you will need to collect to see all endings of Nier Replicant, including the newly added Ending E.

So you will have to farm Titanium Alloy not only for this story but also for some other upgrades. You will need almost 25 Titanium Alloy to fully upgrade everything, so read below to find how you can get it in Nier Replicant.

Where To Get Titanium Alloy In Nier Replicant

Players can only find Titanium Alloy in the Junk Heap in all versions of the game, including the original Western Gestalt release and the Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139 remaster. It is, however, a rare drop.

Golden orbs are the rare drops that are dropped by enemies, while normal green orbs are the common and uncommon drops that you see all the time. These yellowish orbs may often fade into the background in The Junk Heap dungeon’s room. Also, the enemy drops despawn after a short period of time, so if you see a yellow/golden orb, go over to it and touch it to pick it up, even if you are still fighting other enemies. The ground-based robots on every floor of the Junk Heap drops Titanium Alloy, but the larger robots on the 2nd Basement (B2) drops it more.

How To Farm Titanium Alloy

The best way to farm it is to complete full runs of the dungeon, paying special attention to the head-end square rooms at the ends of paths, where you will generally find slightly more challenging battle encounters that often result in enemies dropping rarer materials like Titanium alloy. This works better on B2, but it also works on B1.

Just keep in mind that it’s a rare drop, so don’t expect to get a lot at once, keep your hopes in check and keep grinding. It shouldn’t take that long to get what you need. Grinding becomes simpler as you progress through the game reach the point where you can two or three-shot even the larger robots.

Robots in the Junk Heap also drop Amber, Damascus Steel, and Fluorite, all of which are high-end weapon upgrade materials. Another rare drop from the Junk Heap is Machine Oil, so you can try to tie all of this farming together to an extent.