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Nier Replicant A Dog Astray Side Quest and How To Complete It

A Dog Astray is a side quest in Nier Replicant. To unlock this side quest you will have to complete your initial business at Seafront. A new quest marker will appear when you return to the village. An old man near the village’s southern entrance will offer you the Nier Replicant Dog Astray side quest. The animal prefers to roam across the Northern Plains. Players can earn money and gain XP by completing these side quests in-game. Players can also get all the game’s achievements by completing these side quests. In this guide, we will tell you where to find the dog in the northern plains to complete the Nier Replicant A Dog Astray quest.

How To Complete Nier Replicant A Dog Astray Side Quest

Players can find the lost in the Northern Plains area. The dog’s been taught to look for herbs that the old man uses as heart medicine.  Northern Plains are not a large area, locating a small dog can be difficult. Continue straight as you enter the region. You should drive as if you are going to Junk Heap. Reach the scaffolding that will assist you in climbing to the top of the broken bridge, but then proceed to the river. Along the riverbank, there will be some small and medium shades. Kill them. A gleam similar to the one you have for picking up items should appear. You will find the dog when you get closer.

You must now return to the village and inform the old man of the sad news. You will find someone else at the spot when you reach there where you got the quest. It’s the grandson of the dog owner. This turns out to be another of Nier Replicant’s sad quests. At the very least, the old man and his dog are now reunited.

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