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Nier Replicant A Bridge in Peril Side Quest and How To Complete It

In Nier Replicant not all of the sidequests are mandatory, but you will have to complete A Bridge in Peril if you want to unlock any ending beyond Ending B and collect all of the weapons. This quest is not as long as Damaged Map, so you can complete it with a breeze with simple rewards. You will get 30,000 gold and a new weapon called Labyrinth’s Whisper after completing this quest.

You will get this quest in the second half of the game, and it isn’t available right now. Before starting this quest you must acquire the fragment from the Lost Shrine. It’s one of the first few quests you will do as older brother Nier, so it shouldn’t take long to complete. Since the shade you must slay does not always appear immediately after accepting this quest, it is recommended that you unlock this quest as soon as possible.

How To Complete Nier Replicant A Bridge In Peril Side Quest

To begin, go to the Nothern Gate and look for a guard wandering around. He will tell you that a monstrous Shade assassinated his wife and seriously injured his brother. Accept the challenge of finding the Shade, which is easier said than done. Find the wooden bridge stretching across the canyon in the Northern Plains; using one of the giant boars lurking nearby is the best way to get there. The giant Shade should appear as you approach the bridge, but don’t worry if it doesn’t.

It isn’t guaranteed that the Shade will appear every time you enter the region, so to see the big and his minions, you will have to return to the area a few times. According to the quest log, the creature likes cloudy weather, so look up at the sky when entering the Northern Plains. If the sky seems to be cloudy, walk down the bridge to see if the Shade is present. If you are facing trouble getting the Shade to appear, you should try saving in your village, exiting to the Northern Plains, and running up to the bridge to see if the shade is there.

If that doesn’t work, you should simply restart the game, reload the save from your village and run out to the Northern Plains again. Since the Zone is so wide, this approach should be quicker than running in and out of it. This creature will be one of the most powerful enemies you have faced so far, so you must equip a more powerful item, and be careful not to be knocked off the cliff into the canyon below by the Shade.

Return back to the guard at the gate once you have killed the Shade. You will get 30,000 gold and Labyrinth’s Whisper as a reward from the guard.