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New Pokémon Snap: How To Get Behind The Waterfall

In New Pokemon Snap there are several things to explore and discover. Alternate routes such as one in Founja Jungle that takes you behind the large waterfall near the end of the course is one of these exciting things that players can explore in New Pokemon Snap. In this guide, we will tell you how to find this alternate route so that you can get behind the waterfall and take some incredible shots.

How to Get Behind the Waterfall In New Pokémon Snap

There’s an alternate route in the night version of the Founja Jungle course, that will take you behind the waterfall as soon as you find it in New Pokemon Snap. You can open the option to take an alternate path by doing everything we have mentioned below.

You will have to run through the night version of Founja Jungle with an Lv. 2 or higher research level to get behind the waterfall in Founja Jungle. You will see a Liepard slumbering on a rock, when you go up in the tree and round the corner approaching the waterfall at the end of the course.

You will have to wake up the Liepard as soon as you see it on the rock by pressing “R” to play the music to get behind the waterfall. If you will do it correctly, the Liepard will move and the option to take an alternate route will be revealed.

If you don’t see the alternate route, you will have to press “X” to scan when you get another Prompt, after that, you will be told that it seems like there is a way behind the waterfall. However, you won’t be taken behind the waterfall with this reminder.

You will have to replay the course and return to the area where the Liepard is slumbering and try again if you didn’t see the alternate route prompt to get behind the waterfall.

You can hold “RT” to increase the NEO-ONE’s speed, speed up the course, and get there faster. You will follow Leafeon past some Morelull and slumbering Swampert after you are behind the waterfall. Leafeon will sit down at the far end, next to a Wooper, and relax.

You will see another Wooper running behind you, allowing you to get a good action shot if you turn around before leaving the waterfall. As you now know how to get behind the waterfall in the Founja Jungle, you can take pictures according to your needs in New Pokemon Snap.

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