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New Pokémon Snap Dam Sweet Dam Request and How To Complete It

In New Pokemon Snap, one of the best examples of its incredible storytelling is Dam, Sweet Dam. You will witness Bidoof’s collaborative efforts to build their dam when you are progressing through the ranks at Florio Nature Park. By level 3, the adorable Bidoof family will have finished building their amazing new home even though it starts as a rough pile of sticks. To complete this request, you will have to wait until you have reached Level 3 and the dam is fully constructed. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know step by step to complete the Dam, Sweet Dam request in New Pokemon Snap.

How To Complete New Pokemon Snap Dam Sweet Dam Request

You will have to reach Level 3 of the Florio Nature Park (Day) course in order to complete this request. Although the night version of this stage has the same photo opportunity, the photo will only count for the Dam, Sweet Dam Request on the Day version. If you want to capture the four-star picture of Bidoof easily, do it in the night version of the course. However, you can get a four-star picture of him in both day and night versions.

Don’t bother snapping any of the Bidoofs that wander the course in the first half of the Florio Nature Park (Day) Level 3. Instead, just process normally through the expedition. You must include this picture in all of your Florio Nature Park runs, as it has a four-star rating. So get the best pictures of all the different Pokemon by taking advantage of the first half. You will meet Pidgeot for the first time at the coastal biome after completing the Heracross/Emolga portion of the course. After that be ready to capture the dam photo.

You will have to change paths quickly when you reach the dam on your right. As soon as the indicator appears at the bottom of the screen, use your scanner to scan the route icon to switch paths and travel along the dam. The Bidoof habitat with one hole on the front and another on the end will be straight ahead. If you will scan the dam, you will get to know that there’s a Pokemon inside it.

Throw a fluff fruit directly into the opening on top of the dam to summon the Bidoof. You will have more opportunities for a high-scoring photo if you can land the shooter quickly. A Bidoof will emerge from the hole as soon as the fluff fruit lands. Take the picture of the Bidoof immediately to complete the Dam, Sweet Dam request.

You will get a bright red clown nose as a reward for completing this quest, which is a perfect sticker to put on the image of Bidoof you just took. The Bidoof will not be hiding inside the dam in the night version of Florio Nature Park, but will instead be sleeping with his butt out of the bottom hole. If you want to capture its picture in the Night version just throw a fluff fruit just as you did in the day version and it will scurry up and poke his hole out of the top.

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