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Miitopia Tower of Despair: How To Unlock and Complete The Tower

Tower of Despair is the final area of Miitopia, and it is the only new area added to the game and the most difficult one to complete. In this guide, we will tell you how to unlock the Tower of Despair and how to complete it in Miitopia.

How To Unlock Miitopia Tower Of Despair

In Miitopia the Tower of Despair region added in its Nintendo Switch Version. After defeating the Tower of Dread in New Lumos, it will be unlocked. It’s best to be well prepared for the Tower of Despair because you can’t leave or give up until you beat or lose the Tower.

You must complete the following things before entering into the Tower of Despair:

  • Buff your Stats Through Grub or Equipment

In Miitopia, the Tower of Despair is the most difficult area, so you should upgrade your weapons and eat Grub to improve your stats. You should only feed Grub to the member of your party who will be facing the Tower of Despair, so don’t run out of stat boosts.

  • Max Out Sprinkles and Safe Spot Levels

Before you reach the Tower of Despair, you must max out the Sprinkles and the Safe Spot. Maxing out the number of Sprinkles and the power of the Safe Spot is crucial because you will have to use them heavily to restore HP and MP during the Tower of Despair. You can accomplish it by rescuing 2,500 faces (defeating 2,500 enemies).

  • Add a Traveler to Your Party

Accepting a quest from q Traveler via the Traveler’s Hub is one exploit you can use to add a Traveler to your party. After accepting their quest, they will assist your party until you complete it, allowing you to enlist their assistance in defeating the Tower of Despair. It’s best to hire a Cleric or a Scientist to help you recover or prevent status ailments.

  • Buff Relationship Levels Between Party Members

When battling in the Tower of Despair, your party members are prone to be knocked out, but you can use this to your advantage by using the Avenge and Resurgence aids, which are unlocked when two Mii’s achieve relationship Level 20. When a party member is knocked unconscious, Avenge grants them an attack boost, while Resurgence allows them to be revived if another party member falls before them.

Resurgence is also effective when used in conjunction with the Safe Spot to instantly restore your party members’ health. This recovery is sped up much more with the Get Well Soon aid, which is unlocked at relationship level 7.

  • Reduce Number of HP Bananas to 0

Before tackling the Tower of Despair, it’s wise to get rid of all of your HP bananas. HP bananas and MP candy only restore a small amount of HP/MP, but they take a whole turn to consume. Safe Spot and Sprinkles are far more effective ways to regain HP and MP.

When a party member’s HP or MP (other than your own) falls below 50%, the party member will automatically take a turn eating the banana or candy. You don’t want it to happen in the Tower of Despair because you want to make the most of your actions, thus the best you can inventory by heading to the Galados Isle region where HP steals bananas.

  • Determine Speed of Each Party Member

Before entering the Tower of Despair, make sure to determine each party member’s Speed stat. You will be able to quickly determine the order of battle actions with the help of this, which is crucial for knowing when to use Sprinkles and Safe Spot. The fight order may switch if two-party members share the same speed, causing you to lose track of when to deploy critical game-changing techniques.

How to Complete Tower of Despair

  • Tips:

Following are the tips that will help you to beat the Tower of Despair:

  • You can miss important beats in battle if you fast-forward through the battle. Because a well-timed usage of the Safe Spot or Sprinkles can be game-changing, timing is crucial.
  • One of the strongest recovery actions in the game is the Safe Spot. It can recover HP and MP at the same time, and the amount of recovery is far more than eating HP bananas or MP candies. The enemy cannot harm party members who are in the Safe Spot.
  • Identify the order of actions between your party members and the enemy’s line-up in the first turn of the combat. You can predict when will attack and when party members will need to be healed by understanding the order of actions from the first turn.
  • If your Menu isn’t opened in time, you may miss out on opportunities to use Sprinkles or the Safe Spot even if you know the sequence of events and avoid fast-forwarding. Keep your menu open throughout the combat, so that you don’t miss a beat and the battle pauses when Sprinkles or the Safe spot are about to be used.
  • The Tower of Despair is divided into eight battles, the sixth of which on 5F is particularly difficult due to the Fiend’s one-hit Kill, necessitating the use of Sprinkles. Use alternate recuperation options such as the Safe Spot instead of your Sprinkles.
  • Most enemies up to the 6F can be dispatched with one-hit kills if they aren’t marked as Boss. A party member with the ability to deal with one-hit kills, such as the Cleric, will be incredibly important.
  • Enemies:

Here is the detail of all the enemies that you will have to fight in the Tower of Despair:

  • GF: Elite Goblins x 6

You can’t defeat all Elite Goblins at once, instead, you should kill them one by one. If you use the Safe Spot well, you should have no trouble defeating them even if their physical attack is powerful.

  • 1F: Heavy Golem

In one turn, the Heavy Golem acts twice, dealing a direct physical attack to one of the party members. Keep in mind that the two-party members close to the one who was directly struck will each take 50% of the initial damage.

  • 2F: Neon Pharaohs x 3

Even though each Neon Pharaoh only acts once every round due to its slow speed, Warriors and Vampires can attack ahead of it. Put the party member in the Safe Spot immediately when afflicted by the Pharaoh’s Curse, so that they can heal on the next turn. Even if a party member fails to heal the curse, if they don’t have an HP Banana, it will just keep them from acting.

  • 3F: Colossal Serpent

Even though the Colossal Serpent acts three times per turn due to its slow speed, Warriors and Vampires can attack before it. It has a powerful magic attack that deals at least 100 points of damage but it doesn’t utilize it in a single turn. Simply balance dealing strong attacks with having party members retreat to the Safe Spot to avoid being heavily harmed in order to beat this enemy.

  • 4F: Gourmet Burgers x 4

Every round, one of the Gourmet Burgers takes a turn. They may eat two of your party members and then return them two turns later. Other than that, the Gourmet Burgers don’t have much of an advantage over your party, so focus on doing a lot of damage, even if some of your party members have been eaten.

  • 5F: Red Fiend, Blue Goddess x 2

The Red Fiend and the two Blue Goddesses each take a turn acting. The Red Fien doesn’t always make the initial move despite being a Fiend, so don’t put a party member in the Safe Zone unless you have a better use for them. The Cat and Scientist party members were able to act before the Red Fiend. The Red Fiend’s one-hit-kill is annoying as always, but keep in mind that even it is vulnerable to one-hit-kills now that it isn’t always the first to act.

The Red Fiend, like other Fiends, has a high resistance to magical attacks. Use the Vampire’s Bat Tornado talent to counter this, as it is the Vampire’s strongest physical assault. This is the battle you have saved your Sprinkles, so go ahead and eat them all. To avoid wasting Sprinkles on party members afflicted by the Blue Goddesses, use HP/Shield and Hyper Sprinkles on party members in the Safe Spot or the Vampire when they are reborn. Although the Scientist should supply your group with Safety Mask, it is still preferable to defeat the Blue Goddesses first so that they do not corrupt your party members and interfere with your actions.

  • 6F: Light Lord, Lighter Lord

The Light Lord and the Lighter Lord both have two actions per turn. HP and MP Sprinkles can be used for recovery, but you should reserve any Sprinkles you have from the previous floors for the final floor. The Light Lord is relatively simple to defeat, but the Lighter Lord’s magical attack is truly devastating. It can knock out two party members with a single hit, and because it attacks twice per turn, you could lose your entire party in one turn. Here the life Sprinkle will come in handy, however, you can also use the Safe Spot to keep a party member safe if you used in the previous battle.

All party members must have a relationship level of at least 20 because of the Lighter Lord’s capacity to wipe out your party members quickly. It enables them to perform a Resurgence, in which they are revived after another member of their party is knocked out. Furthermore, Avenge II will also be unlocked after you reach Relationship level 20, which will help you beat the Lighter Lord by increasing your attack strength.

  • Apex: Boss Snurp

The Boss Snurp only attacks twice per turn with standard physical attacks. When it’s reduced to barely 35% of its maximum HP, it will start attacking three times per turn. Keep in mid that the HP, Attack, and Defense Stats of the Boss Snurp are all extremely high.

Your team is undoubtedly exhausted from fighting at this point, so use as many HP and MP Sprinkles as necessary to get them in fighting shape of the final stretch of the Tower of Despair. It’s good to use up 200 Sprinkles, so you must have them in reserve.

The Boss Snurp will summon two Juvenile Snurp to fight for it, when it’s HP is reduced to around 65%. When the Juvenile Snurp attacks your party members it reduces their HP to 1, therefore put them in Safe Spot as soon as possible. Because the Juvenile Snurp are re-usable opponents, don’t focus your efforts solely on them.

When the boss Snurp’s eyes become crimson and it starts inflicting random status aliments on your group, the battle is nearing its end. In this last phase, your party members and the Boss Snurp will each act three times per turn, so attempt to strike a balance between fighting and recovering from hit. Remember to pay attention to the timing and sequence of events.

That’s everything you need to know to beat the Tower of Desire in Miitopia.

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