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Miitopia Personality Types and What Do They Do

The fact that you get to choose how your party members look, as well as what kind of person they are sets Miitopia unique from other role-playing games on the Nintendo Switch. You can put your family, friends, or other people you care about into your game and watch them interact with one another with the use of this feature. Miitopia takes the notion of game-like Miitomo or Tomodachi Life expands it to allow players more control over what happens.

In this guide, we will tell you which are the best personalities, what are their types, what are the personality quirks, and everything else you need to know about personalities in Miitopia.

All Miitopia Personality Types

In Miitopia there are seven types of personalities, each with its own mannerism that affect the gameplay and party relationships.

Following are the types of personalities:

  • Kind
  • Energetic
  • Laid-Back
  • Cool
  • Stubborn
  • Air-headed
  • Cautious

What Do Personality Types Do?

In and out of battle, each personality type has a set of “quirks” that affect both the Mii and their party members. The “Affection” stat of both Mii’s raises when action positively affects their relationship and the “Resentment” stat of both Mii’s raises when an action has a bad impact on their relationship. Raised Affection leads to a deeper relationship, which has its own benefits. A high Resentment level can lead to a disagreement, which hinders both Miis’ capacity to fight.

  • Kind:

Kind Miis are concerned about their party members and prioritize their buddies.

In-battle actions:

  • Miis have the ability to persuade creatures to abandon the battle. However, that monster will not give any experience points or grub to the party. If the Mii is unable to persuade the monster to go, it will attack the Mii, raising the Resentment of a random party Mii.
  • The Kind Mii will sometimes and take the below for another Mii when the other Mii is about to pass out as a result of the monster’s attack. Both Miis will gain Affection points as a result of this.
  • Miis who are kind can give one of their HP Bananas or MP to a party member who is in need.

Out-of-battle actions:

  • When a Mii’s face is put on a monster, Kind Miis will tremble in horror. Although it has not been proved, some users have noticed that Kind Miis frequently attempt to resolve disputes between Miis.
  • Energetic:

Energetic Miis don’t tire easily and they can be hyper.

In-battle actions:

  • When attacking energetic Miis can be a little overly excited causing them to take a little damage as a result of this. Monsters are dealt more damage as a result of this.
  • If their party members don’t have enough MP to complete a task, Energetic Miis can cheer them on. As a result, the elated Mii is inspired to finish the mission and refill some of their MP. Both Miis then gain relationship points.
  • When an Energetic Mii is about to be hit with a blow that will cause them to faint, they might sometimes “hang on” resulting in the blow leaving them with 1 HP instead of 0.

Out-of-battle actions:

  • Unless the Unknown fluid “Smells funny”, energetic Miis will drink from a bottle holding unknown fluid. When it comes to drinking water, they will consume it in a single swallow.


Laid-Back Miis can easily shake off things, and they tend to be nonchalant.

In-battle actions:

  • Laid-back Miis can hide behind another Mii before being attacked by a monster, causing their party member to take the hit instead. As a result, the Resentment levels of those Miis rise.
  • Laid-back Mii steals an HP banana or MP candy from a party member and uses it right away if they run out of them don’t have any in their stash. These Miis’ resentment levels will rise, potentially resulting in a dispute.
  • If three other party members help out a Laid-back Mii, it can sometimes do a lot of damage to an enemy. They can refill more HP or MP than usual if they are healing. The opposite of Getting Serious, a Laid-back Mii will sometimes choose to preserve MP, allowing them to act with half the MP but only doing half the damage.
  • Laid-back Miis can sometimes shake off a status effect a monster is attempting to inflict on them by simply being uninterested.

Out-of-battle actions:

  • Laid-back Mii when discovering digging spots outside of battle, they frequently stop digging for treasure if it is not discovered on the first try.
  • Cool:

We don’t need to explain their personality because their name explains it all.

In-battle actions:

  • Cool Miis will occasionally target an enemy’s weak spot and deal more damage than usual.
  • If a monster tries to land a physical attack, Cool Miis will sometimes jump out of the way, causing them to take no damage.
  • When a party member tries to hide behind the Cool Moo, the Cool Mii will refuse to cover them sometimes.
  • Cool Miis can be immune to a monster’s status effect.

Out-of-battle actions:

After one attempt at digging up buried treasure, Cool Miis will give up the same as Laid-back Miis.

  • Stubborn:

As you can see their personality name, they are stubborn so they don’t give up easily and they need to get things right.

In-battle actions:

  • Stubborn Mii can brace for impact in advance of an attack, taking half the damage they would normally.
  • Stubborn Miis will attack the enemy again if they are dissatisfied with the amount of damage dealt by an attack.
  • Stubborn Mii sometimes refuse the help of an ally, when they try to help a Stubborn Mii. This can lead to the Mii who offered assistance developing resentment toward the stubborn Mii.

Out-of-battle actions:

  • Stubborn will keep digging until they find buried treasure. They will also throw away any bottles containing unknown liquids.
  • Air-Headed:

Air-headed Miis can get distracted, and are often living in their own world.

In-battle actions:

  • An Air-headed Mii will occasionally attack the wrong target by accident. The mistaken enemy’s guard will be dropped, and as a result of this oddity, they will take 1.5x the damage.
  • Instead of attacking, Air-headed Miis will sometimes spend their to galavant with an enemy. The opponent will not attack anyone even if no damage is done, and the Air-headed Mii can still save their party members.
  • Air-headed Miis will occasionally choose to sleep instead of fighting during a turn to regain health.

Out-of-battle actions:

  • Unless it “smells funny,” Air-headed Miis will drink water and any unknown beverages right away. The player will then be able to choose whether or not to consume it.
  • Cautious:

Cautious Miis can be nervous about performing and they are calculated.

In-battle actions:

  • Sometimes, the ever-calculating Cautious Mii will opt to finish off a monster.
  • To prepare, a Cautious Mii will do some stretches and wait until the conclusion of their turn before attacking. During this period, their attacks will do twice as much damage.
  • When a Cautious Mii requires a snack and doesn’t have any on hand, they will occasionally appear out of nowhere, claiming they had planned for this precise situation.

Out-of-battle actions:

  • Cautious Miis will refuse to drink from an unknown bottle.

Which Personalities Suits Which Jobs?

  • Kind: Kind personalities benefit from support classes like the Cleric, Popstar, and Chef. Kind Miis not only prioritize healing above attacking, but they also have the added benefit of donating HP Bananas and MP Candies to people in need.
  • Energetic: Attacking classes, such as the Warrior, are excellent Energetic choices due to their combative nature. To compensate for the HP loss caused by the “Charge” quirk, it is recommended that you eat items that raise your HP.
  • Laid-back: Attacking classes benefit from being Laid-back, such as the Thief. The Thief has the ability to steal snacks from enemies, which is useful because Laid-back Miis eat more snacks.
  • Cool: Classes that attack, such as the Warrior, gain from the Cool personality. For Cool, stay away from healing classes like the Cleric, as attack-heavy classes gain the most from the “Weak Point” quirk.
  • Stubborn: Attack-focused classes, like the Cool personality, benefit from being Stubborn since they can block strikes and have a chance to attack again.
  • Air-headed: There isn’t a certain class that fits this personality type the best. Avoid assigning this personality to a Mii who you rely on to carry a battle because they tend to sleep during battles and distract enemies.
  • Cautious: Jobs that require both Support and Attack, some of which may come as you go through the game, fit this personality type perfectly. Cautious Miis can make combat that much smoother with their extra food stockpile to boost HP and MP, the “Finisher” quirk that quickly removes enemies, and their prep work that makes strike more potent.

For those looking for a more lighthearted game, Miitopia is the JRPG. Each person will have their own unique and wacky experience by balancing different diverse work classes with varied personalities. This is one of the best games for role-playing with your in-game characters if you like that sort of thing.

That’s everything you need to know about personality types in Miitopia.

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