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Miitopia Jobs: How To Unlock All Jobs Including Secret Vampire and Elf Jobs

Miitopia has been released for Nintendo Switch and it has gained a lot of attention. In this guide, we will tell you how to unlock jobs in Miitopia.

How to Unlock All Jobs in Miitopia

You must complete chapter 2 and enter chapter 3 to unlock all the jobs in the game (except the Secret Jobs). Each Chapter, from Chapters 1 to 3, unlocks a set of Jobs that you can choose from.

We have made a list below for you of all the jobs for each chapter that you can unlock.

Jobs Unlocked From Start


Ratings/Best Personalities


High Health and Attack Power



Deal Top-Class Damage with Magic



Heal Revives Companions



Save Items from Enemies


Pop Star

Supports Allies



Supporting Role With High Attack Power


Jobs Unlocked After Chapter 1


Ratings/Best Personatlities


Excellent in Combat and Stealing Food



High-Speed Attacker



Deals Magic Damage and Absorbs Enemy Stats


Jobs Unlocked After Chapter 2


Ratings/Best Personalities


High Offensive and Defensive Capabilities



Protects Allies from Abnormal Conditions



High Defense Healers


How To Unlock Miitopia Secret Elf and Vampire Jobs:

There are two secret jobs: Vampire and Elf, in addition to the six original Jobs and the additional unlockable Jobs. However, you will have to do some effort to unlock these adorable characters. When you unlock these Miitopia Elf and Vampire Jobs, don’t forget to create some amazing personalized Miis. A Dracula Vampire or a Legolas Elf would be fantastic. Make sure your microSD card has enough space for this game as well.

How To Unlock Miitopia Vampire Job

The Vampire class can drain HP from enemies and use elemental magic to make ranged attacks.

Here’s how to get it unlocked:

  • In Karkaton, defeat the Dark Lord.
  • Make Your Way to the Travelers’ Center
  • Speak with the Vampire to find out about a unique mission involving an invading spirit.
  • Travel to Peculia.
  • Enter the Macabre Manor. After the fourth world, you will find it.
  • Fight the Pop-Up Puppet at the end of the mansion. The boss has 720 HP in total.
  • For beating this boss, you will get the Bat Charm.
  • The Vampire Job can now be unlocked if you go to an Inn.

How To Unlock Miitopia Elf Job

The Elf Class is a ranged warrior capable of shooting arrows from its bow, healing party members, and erecting defensive walls around allies. The Elf Job, unlike the Vampire, can only be unlocked after the game has been completed. Here’s how you can get your hands on it.

  • To begin, defeat Miitopia’s final boss.
  • Go to the stage Uncharted Galados.
  • You must now confront and defeat the Replica Dark Lord.
  • With 3,100 HP, defeating this boss will take a lot of effort.
  • You will be awarded Elf Charm if you do so.
  • If you have it, go to an Inn and you will be able to access the Elf Job.

There are more possibilities for your Miitopia adventures after you unlock the Miitopia Elf and Vampire.

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