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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Paragon & Renegade Glitch and How To Exploit It

Players can get all Paragon and Renegade points they want by hacking Lorik Qui’in while in Port Hanshan on Noveria in Mass Effect 1. In any version of Mass Effect 1 including the Legendary Edition, this exploit is going to work. In this guide, we will tell you how you can get all Paragon and Renegade points they need in Mass Effect easily by hacking Lorik Qui’in.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Paragon & Renegade Glitch

You will have to buy 5 Charm points or Intimidate Points in the Squad menu to use this hack. Each is linked to a specific Morality. You will need charms to get Paragon and intimidate to get Renegade. It’s better to put 5 points into both stats because this hack will help them both.

This hack is carried out while obtaining your garage pass on Noveria. You will have to rat out Opold to Anoleas to get the garage pass, but you shouldn’t do so because this hack is just good to pass up. Instead, accept Lorik’s mission, which requires you to visit his office and retrieve evidence from his computer. After that, you must consent to speak with Giana Parasini before handing over the evidence to Lorik. When you return to finish your mission, Gianna will be sitting across from Lorik in the same hotel bar. She’s standing alone next to the table near the stairwell.

Accept Parasini’s offer of attempting to persuade Lorik to testify. Go talk to Lorik after you have done that.

When you are talking to him choose the following options:

  • “Testify against Anoleis”
  • Choose the “You’d be a hero” charm option in blue for +25 Paragon Points, or choose the “Damn right I will” option in need for 25+ Renegade Points.

Then complete the conversation and return to Lorik and talk to him to do this hack. You should the following in order:

  • Matriarch Benezia”
  • “Another question”
  • “Testify Against Anoleis”
  • Choose” either blue Chard or red Intimidate option again for +25 points for Paragon or Renegade.

Repeat all of the above mentioned until your Paragon and Renegade bars are completely full.

You will get the following by maxing out both the Paragon and Renegade Morality bars with this hack:

  • All 12 Charm / Intimidate points will be unlocked to purchase in the squad menu. After you max out both Paragon and Renegade Morality Bars. You will be able to make any choice you want in the game by buying all of them.
  • Both Morality Missions will be unlocked. You will get a Mission from Admiral Hackett at the Galaxy Map if you fill a Morality bar to either 80% or 90%. UNC: Besieged Base will be given to Paragons while UNC: The Negotiation will be given to Renegades. More Story, XP, and loot will be available with these.
  • When You import a Mass Effect 1 save into Mass Effect 2, you will get bonus Morality Points. As a result, each Morality bar will be 50% full in Mass Effect 2. Since the Morality bars in Mass Effect 2 are linked to unlocking Charm / Intimidate choices, you will have an advantage in selecting the options you want early on in the game.
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