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Marvel’s Avengers Ms. Marvel Comic Books Location: Where To Find All Ms. Marvel Comic Books

Regardless of whether you appreciate the movies or the comics, there is a lot of comics to chase off in Marvel’s Avengers.

In addition to Thor and Black Widow, Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel gets her own comic book line in Marvel’s Avengers. Gathering comic books is a tedious task, yet it can benefit from boosting stats.

There are five Ms. Marvel comic books to gather during the main campaign, they have to be discovered in the game. Here’s a guide to help you find all of them.

Where To Find All The Ms. Marvel Comics

The most effortless approach to get your hands on a Ms. Marvel comic is by finishing Kamala’s Harm Room tutorial. You’ll get a random comic for your troubles, however, risks are it’ll be a Ms. Marvel one, so give it a go once it opens.

For the rest of the comics in Marvel’s Avengers, they can be found in Stronghold boxes and center hubs like the Chimera. There’s no genuine straight approach to discover them besides looking all over the place, so simply continue to look out for them.

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You’ll discover the first one in the open world at Kamala’s Resistance HQ, in the base level before you climb and head up.

The following can be found in the Utah Badlands on the Chimera. Close to the jet on the right, there’s a lower level walkway, so head down there to discover another Ms. Marvel comic in the chest.

During the Alone Against Aim mission, you play as Iron Man, you’ll get to to see question marks that feature points of interest. After the wave of enemies at that point, head to behind the area and you’ll discover a Ms. Marvel comic in a chest.

The last Ms. Marvel comic can be located after you’ve found the Ant Hill. On the AIM testing lab mission with Hulk and Iron Man, you’ll locate a comic close to the large AIM building, which will come up as a point of interest.

Marvel’s Avengers Ms. Marvel Comics Reward

  • 0.5% Heroic Charge rate
  • 0.5% Perk Chance
  • 0.5% Status Resistance
  • 0.5% Stun/ Status Meter Damage
  • 0.5% Willpower Recovery effectiveness
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All of these stats will receive a boost after collecting the five Ms. Marvel comic books.

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