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Immortals Fenyx Rising Odysseus’s Prison Vault: How To Unlock Odysseus’s Prison Chest

In this guide, we will walk you through the Immortals Fenyx Rising Odysseus’s Prison Vault arrow puzzle so that you can get the secret chest.

Odysseus’s Prison Vault of Immortals Fenyx Rising is located in the Valley of Eternal Spring. To complete this vault you will have to solve a tricky Arrow puzzle, and by solving this puzzle the secret chest will be unlocked.

How To Complete Immortals Fenyx Rising Odysseus’s Prison Vault

When you are at Odysseus’s prison, on the left side you will see a secret chest, but it will be locked at the moment. You will have to solve the Arrow puzzle to unlock the chest.

To solve this puzzle and to unlock the secret chest you will have to shoot three arrows at three different points. You will have to shoot the first Apollo’s arrow at the diamond-shaped target. Hitting the first target is quite easy. The other two targets are a little bit difficult because you will have to pass a few obstacles to get to your targets.

To make sure that your second arrow hits the target you will have to shoot the arrow and then steer your way through the moving walls in a continuous motion, moving up, down, and sideways. The third and last target is a little bit tricky and it has to be unlocked first.

The third target is hidden behind a huge crate, shoot your arrow and steer through a cup-shaped structure, and then you will have to make your way through some rings and steer towards another cup-shaped structure.

Shoot the arrow again in the same direction and aim it on the top right corner of the crate. After it hit the crate the target behind will be unlocked. After the third target is unlocked, you can easily shoot the target and then you will get access to the secret chest.

You will get Brood of Typhon Helmet from the secret chest, and then collect the structure on the right by flying towards it. You will get Zue’s lightning by completing the vault.

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