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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Blacksmith and Weapon Fusing Explained

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, the Blacksmith is the primary method to upgrade your characters. Here you can customize your weapons to get different benefits in battle or you can fuse weapons to increase their stats. In this guide, you will find how to unlock blacksmith, details on weapon fusion, and rusty weapons.

How To Unlock the Blacksmith in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

You can unlock the Blacksmith by completing the “Brawny Blacksmiths” quest, this quest becomes available after you finish the second mission in chapter 1 “Road to the Ancient Lab”.

You will find this quest near Hyrule castle and you can complete this quest by turning 1x Courser Bee Honey and 200x Bokoblin Trophies, you will get both of these items by completing both missions in the chapter.

You will get a lot of weapons with random properties as a reward at the end of every mission. You can use the weapon in a fight or you can take them to Hylian Blacksmith Guild to fuse them with other weapons or to sell them. After some time in the game, a new “ Octo-Polish” option will be unlocked which will allow you to clean up rusty weapons.

Basics of Blacksmithing

Go to the Hylian Blacksmith Guild on the overworld map and then select Fuse weapons. Then select which you want to start the process and choose the weapon you want to enhance. The blue highlighted weapon will be the one you are currently equipping so you don’t need to enhance that one.

Then the next option will allow you to choose five other weapons as Fusing Material. When you use a Weapon as Fusing Material it will be destroyed and each weapon fused will add 50 rupees to the cost of the process.

You can add experience to other weapons, increase the stats of the weapon with most fuses, but the most useful part of the Fusing process is that you can take the properties of the weapon being fused and put them on another weapon of your choice.

How To Do Weapon Fusing In Hyrule Warriors: Age of CAlamity

There are seals in most of the weapons. Seals are small white icons you will see on the right half of the screen under the item’s level. Seals have different shapes, like circles, squares, hexagons, or stars. If you match the shape of the seal on the Fusion Material with the weapon you want to enhance will give a small bonus to the weapon’s attack power or the properties of the weapon. If you match the seal shape at every milestone fusion you will get a quite powerful weapon.

Each seal icon represents a different weapon property, such as Special Attack Charge rate, Attack range, Attack Speed, and many more. There are more than 20 different weapon properties and you don’t have to memorize them all because the game will tell you each weapon’s property when you look at them.

How To Transfer Weapon Properties

You can take the weapon properties off the one being fused and customize the bonuses on other weapons.

You can upgrade a weapon every fifth level, ( levels 5, 10, 15, and 20) is a milestone, and when you do the fuse again, the process will take off the properties of the weapon being fused and will put it on the one being enhanced. Like this you can make weapons for different purposes, such as you can make a weapon for stages with more boss fights (an increase to Perfect-Dodge Timing), or make weapons to use when you are facing trouble on a stage, making enemies drop more health restore ( Healing- Item Drop Rate).

If you match the shapes of the seals with the first weapon chosen as Fusion materials at level 5, 10, 15, or 20 milestones. Your weapon’s strength will be increased with a seal-matching bonus.

The Weapons with a small grey plus sign are those weapons that are ready to receive a weapon property. There is some basic weapon that has no properties when you get them, they can take a weapon’s property in its first fusion.

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