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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Amiibo Rewards and How To Unlock Them

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, players who own Nintendo’s NFC capable figurines are offered an extra bonus by amiibo. The rewards are not that spectacular, but you can activate them simply and worth scanning in daily.

You can earn rewards by scanning the amiibo in Age of Calamity, you can use these rewards in the main game. These rewards contain weapons and materials in them.

To scan an amiibo in-game:

  • Boot up the game and get to the title screen.
  • Select the “amiibo” option in the menu.
  • Then plot the amiibo in the center of your pro controller or on top of your right Joy-con controller.
  • Receive rewards

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Amiibo Rewards

You will get a random reward when you scan any amiibo. This reward can contain a random assortment of materials or a new weapon with a seal. So that’s why all amiibos are compatible. It doesn’t matter that you use a Zelda series amiibo, a Breath of the Wild amiibo, or any random amiibo like the shovel knight amiibo, you will generally get the same reward.

What Are The Limits and Rewards of Hyrules Warriors: Age of Calamity Compatible Amiibo

Five amiibos can be scanned per day. When you are trying to scan the fifth amiibo it will get you a prompt telling you that you can’t receive any additional reward for today.

Just keep it in your mind that if you are going to scan two amiibos of the same character but a different variation, only one of the amiibo will be scanned. For example, if you are trying to scan a super smash Bros version and the Standard version of Mario, you will only be able to scan one in per day.

Once you scanned all the amiibos and collected your rewards, just make sure that you return back to start your game by pressing the continue button on the menu. If your game is turned off at the title screen, your rewards will be gone.

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