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GTA Online Alien Suit: How To Get Free Alien Outfits

There’s an underground war going on in Rockstar’s online world but it’s not always visible, and if you want to pick a side in the confrontation you will need a GTA online Allien Suit. Some memes were created in GTA Online and after this unofficial conflict started between Green and Purple alien factions, it became an all-out battle between two groups and there is no sign of peace between them.

The players are making this whole situation and Rockstar stepped in to recognize what’s happening and offered up Alien Suits to all GTA Online players for a week in May 2020. The Green and Purple Bodysuits were available to buy for GTA $300,000  cash each but now the deal is expired and now if you want to get involved you will have to fork out for your own GTA Online Alien Suit.

How To Get Free Alien Outfits In GTA Online

If you want to get a GTA Online Alien Suit you will have to go to any clothing store represented by a t-shirt icon on the in-game map. After you are inside the shop, go to the counter and then browse outfits by following the prompts. Scroll down to the bottom of the list to Outfits: Arena War, then scroll down in the next, and halfway down you will see the Green Martian Suit and Purple Martian Suit. Buy the suit and the GTA Online Alien Suit will be added to your wardrobe. It’s better to grab them both if you want the option of picking a side later.

To complete your GTA Online Suit you can pick up a Pool Cue from any Ammu-Nation Store. Go to any Ammunition store’s counter and browse weapons by following the prompt, Choose the Pool Cue from the left side of the display before moving to the melee weapons. Now go out and find an alien crew to cause some trouble.

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