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Godfall Locked Items: What Are They and How To Unlock Them

Godfall players will encounter a set of locked items in the game sometimes. Here’s how you can make sure to unlock and equip them.

There is a bug in the game that makes it impossible to equip certain items showing them as locked. They end up hogging inventory space and can’t be salvaged. Here’s how you can remove or unlock them.

How To Equip Godfall Locked Items

  • Clear all armors of all items.
  • Equip one or two of x items you want to “unlock” to the armor you are wearing. (any armor will do fine but stay in it for the whole process).
  • Go to another empty armor (don’t wear it, just check it’s inventory) click “copy current loadout” so that both your current armor and the one you are looking at are wearing the items you want to change.
  • Exit that screen and go into your current armor’s inventory.
  • Clear all items from your current armor.
  • Look back at the second armor and unequip all items.
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Godfall is available to play now on PC and PS4. It was developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Software.