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Godfall: How To Open Spirit Bound Chest

If you have taken a glimpse into Godfall’s world you might know that there are hundreds of hidden missions and hidden treasures throughout the world.

You will be rewarded sometimes by looting these chests or doing these missions, and you will get a pretty good loot most of the time. If you have played Godfall then you must have come across some spirit bound chests.

How To Open Spirit Bound Chest In Godfall

In Godfall you will come across a different kind of chest, and some of them will be so much difficult to crack open than others.

In this guide, we will tell you how to open the spirit bound chest for the quest called “Into the Monolith”.

So now let’s see how we can crack open the spirit bound chest, and how to hit the distant lock-in Godfall.

  • First, you have to interact with the chest by standing in front of it.
  • Then a light blue color will be seen in a specific direction, there will be stairs in that direction, follow those stairs until you reach the platform.
  • You will need to go to this platform:
  • You can see a blue hitbox in the center of the picture. This is the spirit lock which you will need to unlock to open the Spirit bound chest, to unlock it you can use your shield or anything that you can throw on it.
  • The chest will open after you hit the blue hitbox with anything, and then you can loot it.

You can gain some good loot here, unlike the other similar chests, and it is a lot easy to open it.

There are many spirit bound chest in Godfall, so whenever you find one in the game just open them and the effort you will do will be worth it in the end.

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