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Genshin Impact Special Treasure 2 Location and Reward

The Lost Riches event has been live since January 8 and there’s another series of “dig up the buried treasure missions” today, and there is another special treasure clue live along with the two spots for Iron Coins that asks you to somewhere in the Yaoguang Shoal and you have to find some Hero’s Wit and 60 Primogems after you have completed Treasure Area 7.

Genshin Impact Special Treasure 2 Clue Location

You will only get a picture of the place to go to So if you don’t know the map you will not have an idea of where to start. The Yaoguang Shoal is a series of small, sandy islands located in the northwest of Liyue, east of Quili Plains, and south of Mingyun village. But the actual location is a little bit difficult to understand. You will have to go to a building on the coast that is on the south of these sandy islands in the Shoal area, so you will have to teleport to the south of the Shoal.

You can see the actual location marked on the map below.

Take out your Seelie after you reach the marked location, the Seelie will take you to the spot and you will find the exact location in the sand near the building. Once you find the exact spot you will get another combat challenge and it is a lot easier than the previous special treasure challenge.

In this challenge, you will have to fight with two Geo shield large Hilchurls and then one super armored geo Hilchurl within a certain time. It’s better to bring someone with a Claymore or Geo hero. You will get Hero’s Wit and Primogems as a reward by completing this challenge.

Three more days are remaining with six more Treasure spots to go in the Lost Riches event, but you will get a bonus time to get all these done at least another week. This special Treasure location is the last of this event. You can get a total of 420 primogems in this event. So that’s everything we know for now. Let’s see if anything else comes up in the next few days.

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